cause the gap distances mattered more to me than the notes… and you need gaps to have rhythm –

Cool smile emoticon I knew about the brainwaves syncing to musical notes (i call them “gaps” ’cause the gap distances mattered more to me than the notes… and you need gaps to have rhythm – sorta like negative space in drawing) – but I *didn’t* know that musically trained brains could sync up to slower tempos better than non-musicians. THAT was very cool to learn.


Yeah – I mean it basically confirmed common sense but I’m glad they did the study and timed it.

As a musician (not by profession just… I dunno, by nature – I can play any instrument you throw at me which is kinda useless for me as a ‘talent’) – I can “feel” the gaps inbetween notes.

It’s not just classical: I love listening for unique gaps in all kinds of music.

For example, there’s a pattern in music that’s common now, inspired by Dubstep I think, although versions of it existed forever in music of what they call a ‘bass drop” but I think of as flying off a cliff:

The music rises in pitch, smaller and smaller increments between the notes until it reaches a feverish pitch… then suddenly:

It stops.

There’s nothing. I can feel that nothing. It’s like a cartoon where the character just ran off a cliff and is just floating there without support.

It doesn’t last long: 1/4 second 1/2 a second, I dunno how long.

Then they usually fill it up with some memorable word or sound that kinda ‘defines’ the song and then the “bass drop” – some deep bass or perhaps a new rhythm is introduced – the equivalent of the chorus in other styles of music, but there’s no lyrics here, just instrumentation (usually electronic).

But that’s gap… oh I love that gap.

For an older and more amazing version of this gap, listen to the ending section of The Beatles’ “A Day In The Life”, where every instrument in the orchestra is slowly rising, rising, faster and faster, rising and then … NOTHING but an echo.

Then they drop the final note, which lasts for a minute or two.

Such a dramatic ending. Love those gaps.

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