Scott Forman A) I wouldn’t put limitations on Internet itself unless it was a Service Ie: As long is it governed by market forces it follows market rules. B ) Political donations and nonprofit in general are already regulated. For that I would strengthen existing features. I think there’s a bill that made it easy for corporate donations and I always forget it’s name that can be taken away again that would help. Bills for transparency requirements can easily solve a good portion of the problem by making it difficult for all but the most dedicated.

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Of course Rubio himself is simply pulling up the ladder after he got upstairs because of his ties to dark donations over the last five years or so. His focus and the other Republicans was on China. The Democrats focus was on Russia. But they both agreed that foreign financial influence is bad. I don’t mind it as much if it remains an American only problem. It’s our people and our problem that’s something we have to deal with as a country. But when a lot of funding comes from overseas it’s genuinely disturbing. Apparently a lot of the funding for January 6 efforts got a big boost from a couple of very large bitcoin transactions through France. It was a political rally and a political event it had no business being funded in that way. Ah well. Is what it is. I appreciate the space to expand my thoughts on the stuff.

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George Ellis it is one of the examples shown on Wikipedia’s page on Phase Space formulation I tripped over it while I was looking into intuitionistic mathematics two years ago and while it may not capture everything important to understand about quantum tunneling, it is a compelling visual metaphor and I think an excellent bridge. every time I look at this I can almost feel the twisting as just a tiny bit barely sneaks through, and i love the rippling through the barrier and slight reconstitution. i’d imagine that it’s more than good enough of a formulation to use with quantum computing for example and I think some of the most beautiful graphs come from phase space, particularly resonance

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The mindset is foreign. They genuinely believe the vote was stolen, that this was the last chance of democracy. That it is up to them and only them to take down “the swamp” once and for all, one final heroic charge. Remember they were promised 100% mathematically perfectly guaranteed that Trump was going to win. Republican lawmakers, reps, even my own Gov got on TV and says “it’s mathematically impossible for Trump to lose”. It was a big, well constructed lie that went on for months before the election and kept growing.

The mindset is foreign.
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it was DC Antifa. It’s not a centralized organization that’s all. They use old fashioned phone-tree type stuff. Way back when when I was in churchy things, I studied the concept of “cell churches” and it was a similar idea. There’s no central authority and any cooperation is voluntary but getting along is generally nice so affinity groups generally do.

it was DC Antifa.
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