Fascinating! I like the advice for Republicans (and presumably Libertarians) who want to move away from their toxic brand and towards a possible win in big cities. I actually never thought about why until you said “Some never had a republican or libertarian mayor”, which surprised me. Thank you – I learned a thing. And I might just look through this site. https://www.governing.com/topics/politics/gov-urban-republican-mayors.html

Fascinating! I like the
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I’m basically a scientist at heart. Born and raised online since ’89 since I was 17 years old., Internet’s structure is a fascinating beast. The protocols are basically agnostic in nature. Value is not placed upon packets – at least wasn’t until video prioritizing – and is often held up as a “socialist system” in construction. When you consider that it’s borne of military + university, that should not be surprising. In both the currency is basically “company store” – ie – the government is the store. IETF is basically “the government” of the internet and it’s the kind of government I like. Voluntary, invisible, functioning.

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I’m on my back screen room (lanai) and a few feet away from me in the grass is a brown bunny eating nom-noms. (stuff in the cut grass) Bun-bun sees me and I see bun-bun but bun-bun continues to eat the nom-nom because I’m not presenting myself as a threat. Enjoy your nom-noms, bun-bun. May no wild animal eat you today. That’s all any of us can hope for.

I’m on my back
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Live deep in the woods. Got hit by a hurricane two years back, Irma. Six days without power when they told us to plan for 3 at max. It was a long six days and weeks of cleanup. Animals are loud when air conditioning isn’t running and we managed but I do like my air conditioning when it’s really hot, at least to duck into now and again.

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