I was in a number of church plays as a kid. I was Matthew the disciple a few years, a blind father who had to sing a song to his daughter and in one particularly striking year, about age 16 or 17, the “Impenitent thief” standing on tiny homemade footsized platform 10-15 feet up in the air in front of a VERY tall cross with my arms outstretched while loudly muttering obscenities but not so loud it overtook Jesus’ lines, for a very long scene behind a thin blue veil that stretched across the entire front of the church. Even then I was amazed they got away with that but as they didn’t do it the following year, I’m thinking now that no, they didn’t. I don’t care much for heights anyway but safety gear would have been nice. For those celebrating, Happy Easter!

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Hard thing for me: If I make a big announcement, I got what I wanted: Recognition and attaboy. Then, I don’t follow through. Then, I disappear and come back later with how complicated life was. But, some say making big announcements works. It probably does. But I got my best work done in the dark, driven by obsession ’til I had a product that nobody saw coming. Probably ADHD.

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At 22, I took MBTI for the first time. INFP, way back in 1994 in a downloaded test. Made everybody around me sit at my computer and take it. Joined mailing lists online, immersed in it. I decided I wanted to develop my weak spots. Do little things to Extrovert. Be willing to do a bit more Sensor things. Thinking wasn’t hard as I was already on the edge. But the P -> J I knew was the biggest and most useful challenge. So from age 22 on, bit by bit, worked on better at judging. What I couldn’t do naturally, I could do rationally, which is slower but effective. Now at 47, I’m not much different than I was at 22 but I’ve gained skills to be better at judging. Calling things like it is. Holding my thought as fact and that’s that. I wanted to be an accurate grumpy old man. Still working on it but I’ve come far.

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