It’s true. I remember when Steven Hawking moved away from his center of expertise to try to make a point that there is no need for God. I watched as he presented a theological strawman (cardboard god) and then proceeded to knock it down and I was disappointed because I was generally a fan of his style and ability to inspire people towards a fascination of the sciences and thought it was a bit of a ridiculous effort.

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It was (is?) a democratic school. It was a bit extreme for today’s standards – 100 years ago now – but it was inspirational. Of course it was written by the guy who ran the school so it would be all roses and sunshine. :) In the USA, there’s Sudbury Valley schools and other democratic schools. Still, there’s also some others that fit more into the unschooling model (funny to think of unschooling at a model but it tends to follow a pattern). They might not be a good answer for all but certainly good to have available for those that public school wasn’t made for. I was one of those but many kids thrive in public school. All depends.

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Youtubers have been mocking feminism for 15 years now and on Twitch and in memes and politicians do it openly now, all intertwined with gaming and humor. You can find it in centrists as well in just as much volume. But I’m way off in the ‘far left’ of things so to me centrist and right and far right sometimes look similar to me, particularly if they share the same opinions about certain things such as feminism.

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RECONCILIATION: Integers. My prior assumptions: Physical integers are false because scaling/zooming in changes amounts. (the “what” changes as the numbers grow depending how you are counting and as each set of objects becomes a container for more objects until you reach a realm of uncountable things). My 2020 reconciliation: Using physical integers for representation is okay *because* each object is comprised of other objects.

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