I’m doing a slow walk. I was looking at traverse wave interference patterns flattened on a 2D plane and thought, “THOSE look like Turing patterns!”. So first I found multiscale turing patterns and then history dependent cellular automata, which is the Game of Life but with history trails. These are necessarily more organized but see them as individual voxels in the multiscale turing pattern and it’s really a coarse multidimensional wave casting a shadow on 3D

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“Mainstream Media” is a a political term. Rush Limbaugh and the like started using it in the 1990s as a pejorative against cbs/nbc/abc/wapo/nyt. A slam against the Judeo of the Judeo-Christian and all that implies. . The “traditional funding/distribution model” is a retrofit definition. Fox news was never included as msm until about two years ago.

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