Yes, this is one of the reasons why I am less concerned about the tyranny of the majority being an issue in the USA: the powers of the higher-ups are so much more powerful that at this point we are a corporate oligarchy. Yet it is possible I believe WITHIN the framework of the Constitution to use our democratic elements to return some of the power to people using our existing systems. It’s likely there ARE better systems than the US Constitution. However, any discussion of removing and replacing it I think needs to be taken with great great care. I don’t indulge in that speculation because I don’t think it is fruitful; the power of the Constitution has shown itself to be useful for as long as the country has been here. Do I like the slowness of our systems? Not always. But I would worry about a nimble and agile system if a chaotic element was in charge. Something needs to absorb the shock and we have that.

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I’m very unhappy with some of the recent decisions and I HAVE had decisions that directly affected me in various ways in my lifetime. Someone reminded me in another group that we’re neither a constitutional representative democracy nor are we a constitutional republic: we are a corporate oligarchy. So it is even LESS the democratic aspects of our country that causes us these kinds of issues but that we are a corporate oligarchy. Many of these are top-down problems NOT initiated by the “voting masses”.

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I’m not anti-traditional nor anti-Christian. I make tired old jokes, sure. But there’s been a segment of (mostly) American Catholics, not part of the church itself but outside of it, that HAVE been working on stuff for some time now. I used to think it was evangelicals or fundies but no, they’re not organized in sneaky enough of a way. But the Catholics know how to quietly organize in focus groups, think tanks, raise money quietly, work “with the system” in what seem to be legitimate ways and most importantly, play the very long game. and they have and do, riding along with the evangelicals in politics but never fully joining hands.

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