in 1993-94, I volunteered full-time at a cerebral palsy center in New Jersey USA. I was 21 eight hours a day, five days a week, I showed up and gave my everything to these kids from age 3 to 21. at the center were kids with cerebral palsy, autism, emotional scarring, down syndrome, etc. One of my favorite things to do and they were going to hire me for – was setting up the equipment and computers for communication and working with the kids and teachers on using the equipment. I was extremely passionate because I went to that center full time between the ages of two and four years old. I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and physical and occupational therapy successfully helped me. there were no scripted programs. it was just help the kids because this was school. A very unique school. I tracked it down a few years ago to find out if it still existed. I had a very hard time because it moved locations and changed names. The days of dedicated schools for kids who need higher quality teachers capable of the necessary desire to communicate with them were out of fashion as integration has long become the trend, so its existence is a quiet thing. successful communication is an amazing thing to me in every and any situation. I am grateful that I can communicate and I was extraordinarily proud to have been in an important position as a volunteer to help train adults and kids on how to communicate in diverse ways. How to listen. how to signal. to acknowledge. to respond.

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I’ve taken B12, Magnesium and Zinc together for stress now and again (before a dental visit, etc). I stumbled upon the combination years ago when experimenting with vitamins and noticed a dramatic improvement in my thinking and feeling. Earlier today I was feeling miserable. hot and cold sweat, couldn’t stand fabric on my skin, taking it off did not help. Laying skill was not helping, nothing at all. Not sure how to describe emotions beyond miserable although a few times I asked myself “is this sadness? I don’t know”. Thought it had to do with the yucky humid weather maybe? Wasn’t sure. But somewhere I remembered B12 and Magnesium. I skipped the zinc this time as an experiment and did b12 and magnesium. About 20 minutes later, it was like a light switch clicked on and I felt functional again. Oddly dramatic. Any ideas?

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0/1 threshold? OH OH, thank you PERCOLATION THRESHOLD! “The percolation threshold is a mathematical concept in percolation theory that describes the formation of long-range connectivity in random systems. ” So percolation _can_ be described by a random graph. “Bernoulli percolation” on a complete graph “Erdős–Rényi model” which means this book applies, which is supposedly very readable and fun.

0/1 threshold?
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