Can’t stand ageism against the young, against the old, against the middle-aged

Ageism has pissed me off since I was a kid. I’m not a kid anymore: I’m 44. Doesn’t matter. Still pisses me off. I remember the treatment I got. I vowed to never forget what it was like to experience ageism as a kid and teenager.. When my grandmother was in the hospital and I was in my late 20s, I saw the ageism of a doctor who declared, “She obviously has no quality of life”, after seeing her for less than a minute… when she was asleep, and looking at her chart.

She was in her 80s at the time. Who was he to make that judgement? My mother, who was also there, gave him a piece of his mind like the world never saw before. He left the room, tail between his legs.

Can’t stand ageism against the young, against the old, against the middle-aged. Doesn’t matter. It’s fucked up.


ndeed – i was impressed at how she shot back at the doctor the way she did.

When I was 18 (1990), the Internet was newish but I was on it. I created a discussion group for youth rights (called Y-RIGHTS) and it got pretty big – a few thousand members. I ran it for years, then passed it to a 14 yr old girl from alaska and a professor in Australia in 1997, when started pursuing other things. They ran it ’til 2001, when it got shut down.

It launched a few great things, like NYRA (National Youth Rights) and Taking Children Seriously (a parenting movement) among a few others, so I’m glad I put together a meeting space where friendships could blossom into things like political movements and parenting movements and such.

I started working with the NYRA again just a little, so it’s nice to go full circle like that. What amazes me is that in 25 years, the same issues are around. Change… is dreadfully slow.



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