cant put a pyramid inside of a ring – orthodox catholic anglican structure stuff

Actually there *is* a name for this style of impartiality
you use and espouse:

It's called: Anglicanism!

[there, you get the best of all worlds!  Wanna be more Catholic?
Sure!  We got that!  Wanna have icons and chant Russian, Greek or Ukranian?
Sure!  We got that!  Wanna be more new agey, or be more like your
southern baptist neighbors?  Sure!  We got that!]

To be Anglican, is about the closest to Unitarian Universalist one can get,
while Anglicanism at least has *STYLE*.

[All things considered, I'm a fan of the Anglicans - I hope that one day,
the talks in the beginning of the 20th century get resumed, some internal
housework cleanup done, and communion comes about.

For, structurally, the Anglicans are pretty darned close to
Orthodox structure.  That's why, I think, again with the theology
and other cleanup - there shouldn't be much of a problem joining.

[it also points to one of the BIG reasons why Roman Catholic and
Orthodox cannot be joined currently.  It's a matter of structure.

The infastructure that is in place in Orthodoxy and the one in place
in Catholicism is quite incompatible.  A Pyramid or Cone (Catholic) vs
a Ring with other rings inside of it (Orthodox).

Stick the Pyramid on top of the Ring, and you have --- a pyramid
with a ring under it.

Stick the ring on top of the pyramid, and you
have a pyramid sticking up through a ring,
and the tip of the pyramid
still stands above the ring.

Morphologically, a pyramid or a cone cannot turn into a ring.

BUT - the Anglicans are a Ring - and joining a Ring to a Ring
is much easier.

Ack!  What a tangent!


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