Can you start an intentional community? Sure you can!

Oh, it’s possible with a decent screening process. No worse than having tenants and with the additional benefit of theoretically having a common set of values.

I’ve had plans of such a community; in fact, my “life falls apart” plan is indeed, such an intentional community or a monastery. [I can pray for my food/shelter/friends and I’d put my all into it; it’s all synonyms to me anyway]

Trivia: the whole monastery system actually _started_ as followers of the ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus, who believed that Friendship and “live and let live” were the ultimate goalposts in life. It became extraordinarily popular. After a few centuries, when Christiandom became “the thing” and started becoming kinda mandatory, they converted the monasteries under the same banner, but the epicurian lifestyle (and basic value system) remained entirely intact, just reframed in a Christian context.

So really, intentional communities are fundamentally _not_ cults or religious institutions, but friendship communities. #nowyouknow

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