Can you sense the pattern? There’s an unwritten hybrid category above each of them.

Can you sense the pattern? There’s an unwritten hybrid category above each of them.
Feeding chatGPT parts of structures it gives you and asking it to continue reveals some of its internal knowledge organizations. For example, when I asked it to give me a Roman Outline of human knowledge I might find interesting, it gave me a short outline. From that outline I took away everything else and extracted the following A. B. pattern* (I’ll put descriptions it gave of a few at the end):

A. Definition
B. Overview of different branches
A. Physics
B. Chemistry
A. Psychology
B. Sociology
A. History
B. Philosophy
A. Visual Arts
B. Literature
A. Summary of Human Knowledge
B. The importance of broad and diverse knowledge.”

So calling these A.B. groups, I asked it to find more for me and it did.

A. Biology B. Ecology
A. Economics B. Political Science
A. Mathematics B. Computer Science
A. Physics B. Engineering
A. Physical Education B. Sports Science

A. Geology B. Environmental Science
A. Accounting B. Finance
A. Medicine B. Nursing
A. Marketing B. Advertising
A. Education B. Pedagogy
A. Law B. Criminology
A. Agriculture B. Horticulture
A. Architecture B. Urban Planning
A. Human Resource Management B. Organizational Behavior
A. Linguistics B. Translation
A. Music B. Sound Engineering
A. Political Economy B. International Relations
A. Astronomy B. Astrophysics
A. Mechanical Engineering B. Aerospace Engineering
A. Zoology B. Wildlife Biology
A. Business Management B. Entrepreneurship
A. Public Health B. Epidemiology
A. Art History B. Museum Studies
A. Religious Studies B. Theology
A. Meteorology B. Climate Science
A. Logistics B. Supply Chain Management
A. Real Estate B. Urban Development
A. Paleontology B. Archaeology
A. Sustainable Energy B. Renewable Energy
A. Computer Networking B. Cybersecurity.

Some explanations
* A. Physics B. Chemistry: Physics studies matter and energy in the universe while Chemistry focuses on the composition, structure, properties, and reactions of matter.
A. Psychology B. Sociology: Psychology studies the human mind and behavior while Sociology focuses on human social behavior and relationships.
A. History B. Philosophy: History studies past events and the evolution of human knowledge and culture while Philosophy explores fundamental questions about reality, existence, ethics, and knowledge.
A. Visual Arts B. Literature: Visual Arts encompass a range of creative disciplines that use visual media while Literature encompasses written works, including fiction and non-fiction.
A. Summary of Human Knowledge B. The importance of broad and diverse knowledge: The “Summary of Human Knowledge” encompasses all of the above fields and disciplines while the “The importance of broad and diverse knowledge” highlights the value of studying a range of subjects for a more complete understanding of the world.

and more

A. Biology B. Ecology: Biology focuses on the study of living organisms and their interactions with each other and their environment, while Ecology focuses on the relationships and interactions of living organisms with their environment.
A. Economics B. Political Science: Economics focuses on the study of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services while Political Science focuses on the study of systems of government, political behavior, and political institutions.
A. Mathematics B. Computer Science: Mathematics focuses on the study of numbers, quantities, and shapes, while Computer Science focuses on the design and use of computers and computational processes.
A. Physics B. Engineering: Physics focuses on the study of matter and energy in the universe while Engineering focuses on the application of scientific principles and mathematical methods to design, build, and test products, structures, and systems.
A. Physical Education B. Sports Science: Physical Education focuses on the study of human movement and physical activity, while Sports Science focuses on the scientific principles and practices related to sports performance and exercise.


I asked it to give hybrid category names and it did. Using these names in another session, it easily figured out these are hybrid categories
Geo-Enviro Science, Acct-Finance, Med-Nursing, Mktg-Advertising, Ed-Pedagogy, Law-Criminology, Agri-Horticulture, Arch-Urban Planning, HRM-Organizational Behavior, Ling-Translation, Music-Sound Engineering, Political Econ-Intl Relations, Astro-Astrophysics, Mech Eng-Aero Eng, Zoo-Wildlife Biology, Biz Mgt-Entrepreneurship, Public Hlth-Epidemiology, Art Hist-Museum Studies, Rel St-Theology, Meteor-Climate Science, Logistics-Supply Chain Mgt, Real Estate-Urban Dev, Paleo-Archaeology, Sust Energy-Renew Energy, Comp Net-Cybersecurity.
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