can you ever have an air-tight argument? yes and/or no.

I reach that point constantly. When you hear me say, “I don’t know”, that’s pretty close to full inoculation. Then again, it’s not. How many times have you said, “I don’t know” only to have someone else, say, “Oh, you know! You know! You’re just not being honest here!”
So.. yeah – completely inoculated? I suppose it depends what you consider to be a valid or invalid counterargument.
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Kenneth Udut If you’re speaking of argument-proof within a particular school of thought, then Yes, I believe it’s possible. People that like to debate Logic and such have air-tight arguments within that limited context. I run across it all of the time. But then, all I have to do is question their chosen definitions or admit that “I may choose not to play by your rules and play by my own instead”. That usually pops the bubble, they get mad about me being hypocritical and they rage quit. So – there’s always a counter-argument, even to this statement.

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