CAMSHAFT came from MUSIC BOXES, manifold, engine study


Where did the CAMSHAFT come from?  MUSIC BOXES!  i illustrated it here.  In the windup music box, the little things sticking up ‘flick’ the ‘fingers’ of the musicbox, making the musical notes.  Change one of the things sticking up, (put on a new one, take off an old one), it changes the song or messes up the song.    A camshaft has to be set perfectly to make the engine “in tune” (tuning the engine?).  Just like the music box plays the same song over and over again, the camshaft has to ‘play the engine” correctly over and over and over again, thousands and thousands of times.  i can see why car people get emotional about the camshaft.  And that’s all i have to say on this subject.

a MANIFOLD in an engine ‘collects things’.  “folding together of multiple inputs and outputs.”  EXHAUST manifolds collects engine exhaust from multiple cylinders and delivers the exhaust (breathing out) to the exhaust pipe.  INLET manifold evenly distributes the air (or air/gas mixture – future topic) –

INTAKE VALVES / EXHAUST VALVES.  pretty much the same.  INTAKE VALVES open up to let the air/gas mixture to enter the CYLINDER, where the explosion will happen (more later).  INTAKE MANIFOLD –> RUNNERS –> INTAKE VALVES.

EXHAUST VALVES open up to let the leftover bits after the explosion out.  EXHAUST VALVES –> RUNNERS –> EXHAUST MANIFOLD.

now to the ‘crankshaft’.  CRANKSHAFT is at the bottom half of the engine.  remember it’s hooked up to the CAMSHAFT by the TIMING BELT.  Under the crankshaft is the OIL PICKUP which picks up the oil that lubricates the CRANKSHAFT.  That oil is picked up by that rod that goes from the CAMSHAFT through the DISTRIBUTOR to a CAM that operates the OIL PUMP (unless it’s an electric oil pump).  So the CAMSHAFT all the way at the top often helps suck up

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