Byzantine History ( Greek and Russian ) from an Eastern Orthodox Christian perspective – in 16 seconds

Byzantine History ( Greek and Russian ) from an Eastern Orthodox Christian perspective – in 16 seconds
THANK YOU Vasos Panagiotopoulos!

Full clips of his marvelous Byzantine history notes are at:


Vasos – *this* is a work of beauty and thoroughness. I rarely read start to finish but I skip around ’til things “jump out” at me and that’s when I start.

These clips are perfect for that. I skip past the past I either know or aren’t interesting at the moment, and after a little bit of scrolling, some words pop out at me and I start reading from there.

[wait – I repeated myself tongue emoticon ]

Anyway, thank you for the resource you put together there. Brilliance. Your labor is edification. Thank you smile emoticon


Oh your timeline at the bottom! Oh the inner historian in me is fangirling with glee. [yeah, I’m a history nerd]. I’m printing your timeline out on my laser printer for safe-keeping.

there’s a huge “education gap” regarding Greece/Russian history (Byzantine is the right word for it – I’ll start using that) and I find myself sometimes in history battles with people who have never learned anything but what the BBC (or BBC derived – aka American) history regarding anything before Galileo…

and I find myself batting my head against the wall. How do you explain to people just how thready their grasp on the fullness of history is? They see islands of events dotted through history that only matter because they serve a cause: promotion of Science, promotion of some value or another like Western Philosophy…

..but they miss _so much_…

I’ll never get the fullness I want of historical knowledge but I can at least take the little I know and try to fill in other people’s histories… to start to see the timeline of human history not as little islands of this and that, but as whole movements of information, culture and knowledge, spanning thousands of years.

That moment when you can put yourself in ancient Greece, or wonder what’s going on at the 1st Ecumenical Council that people have been whispering about as it happens… or imagine life under Justinian or being there as Constanople fell… or what it must’ve been like to be an early Russian learning Greek and watching language transform over time into its own unique expression…

.. it’s just a marvelous feeling. One becomes an inhabitant of all time to some degree, as if having lived for thousands of years but with a few gaps in memory.


but I was so impressed by the level of detail (which will take me a long time to go through to fill in my knowledge gaps, which are many) – that I took the items from your Timeline and made a very fast flashcard style for Youtube and an even faster one on Vine (which is limited to 6.8 seconds) and set it to a nice portion of a Byzantine music I found there.

On each of the services, pausing is very easy (especially Vine).

I have 12,000 followers on Vine and if even _one_ person gets the spark of curiosity about Byzantine history, Greece, Russian, Eastern Orthodoxy… or if nothing else, the seed of a notion in their minds that _maybe_ there’s a lot more to history than they’re learning (or learned) in school and start exploring history more throughout their lives, then I feel a good thing was done.

I’ve had my interest sparked by the strangest things through the years – a few well placed words here, an image there… _something_ just starts churning in the back of my mind and before I know it, I’m interested for life.

Thank you again for your clips and the timeline. The sci-fi part of my brain wishes for a “plug” that could just absorb knowledge quickly but it’s never that easy. Still, the hope remains, like the child that stares at a textbook wishing the understanding would just “click in”… and oddly enough, sometimes it does.

In any case, thank you for sharing. I’m sharing some of your tremendous collection with others and maybe they’ll get a spark of interest as well that leads to greater and greater things in their lives. One never knows.

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