by defining God by what God is not.

Gotta call it something. takes it even further, by defining God by what God is not. Perfectly useful and valid as a Theological descriptor.

Some people like to put Logic in that category. Or Scientific Facts. Or Mathematics. Once they’ve done that, they’ve got their god.

While I don’t agree with her 100% on this, my mother has the same belief system too. She’s Christian but believes in Reincarnation as well and she refers to Karma as “Brownie Points” – it works for her and I’m cool with it.

Oh yeah – I picked that up right away – I LOVE etymology as it helps us get to roots… and where we might have strayed from original intentions — or where the intentions are buried within but forgotten today. Scious is one I “knew” but forgot about long ago, and appreciate the reminder.

Had I unlimited time, I’d be memorizing this stuff. Love etymology


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