But yes, I’d love to see monastery-scientists like days of yore, b

In a perfect world, I agree with you. I just can’t see it happening on this planet, with these humans, pretty much ever tongue emoticon

But yes, I’d love to see monastery-scientists like days of yore, before the University system was secularized and truth for the sake of truth (which was usually to discern the mind of God but it amounts to the same thing to me – nature, God, whatever tongue emoticon )

At the same time, imagine the complaicency that might set in, were the Sciences divorced from society at large? No one to answer to. No one to correct mistakes. No one to call “BS” or “Justify Thyself!” on occasion, except those within the same universe.

Ensuring the passion remains alive is what is needed, imo, if a pure science culture was to happen. I’d like to see the money part taken away, along with other things, or at least reduced in significance.

I believe a *different* measure of accountability to the outside world would be required. Not all of the time, but on occasion. Even Realists need a Reality check tongue emoticon There’s no way to guarantee the passion, as intent is not possible to determine at present.

Science needs to remain linked up to society just not monetarily or politically. Any group of people working outside of the bounds of society with excessive power can lead to all the same human frailties coming through.

Different watchers I suppose. Not the ones we have not but someone else for different reasons. I suppose that’s the idea behind the Journal System in a way.

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