But yeah – DEFINITELY. Make your own Time

I screwed up my computer clock messing with Time about two years ago. I decided to insert my OWN Time into the Internet Network Time Protocol.

I installed the drivers to make my computer into a Time Server and then I waited until the big “Time Change” (one of the Daylight Savings” shifts) and then I put it online.

I think it worked for a very short time – about 20 minutes – and successfully shifted a few “other people’s clocks” on the Internet… I _think_ … but in any case, no matter how I tried, I couldn’t uninstall the Time server completely, leaving my computer permanently 5 hours and 7 minutes behind the rest of the world, no matter HOW much I try to fix it.

But yeah – DEFINITELY. Make your own Time. The naming and categorizing of ‘stuff’ is a social construct anyway and you can make your own society of one. And maybe you can get others to join you smile emoticon

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