But yeah, authentic vs cheating?

Well, what’s cheating?  :P  The point of the joke itself is that we’re ALWAYS cheating in some way.  Something is only as authentic as the point that we stop and say, “Ok.  This will do.”

But there’s ALWAYS someone else who will go a step further… and another beyond that. :)

Never thought about outside assist actually :P

I SUPPOSE I could go into an isolation-tank – warm bathtub, no light, no sound… but then I suspect the ear would start ringing out of boredom and THAT would generate a song :P

and yeah, the perfect pitch is just one of those ‘things’ – doesn’t serve much purpose to the music-in-the-head.  I can just ‘think’ of a song and it goes off on its own and does its own thing :)

But yeah, authentic vs cheating?

I think it’s all authentic myself.  Everything we make is components from something else.  [who has access to initial Universe energies and THEN you gotta go beyond that somehow, even if it’s to the prior Universe, to the Bulk.. whatever model you choose?  :P ]

I got with “whatever works”.  I like getting things done FAST but “my way” – so whatever helps me accomplish that is a ‘good thing” – and since I’m glued to some kind of computer wherever I go (or I try to be), I use whatever tools are available for it to accomplish my goals.

Still though, sometimes I feel like I’m cheating, but then I get over it.  It’s still coming from ‘me’ and I’m as real/fake as anybody else :P

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