But wrong is wrong, even if I’m a fan.

I have developed a rule of thumb, which I sometimes fail to follow as much as I’d like:

If I find myself agreeing with a piece of news media or a meme, then I have to check its veracity with three times more effort and rigor to overcome my confirmation bias.

I’m not saying that my way is the right way but I’ve had to learn to do that for my own protection. I don’t like spreading mistruths and inaccuracies because it weakens my position when I *do* have something that I feel is a cause worth standing behind.

I have no problems with your cause. That’s your choice to fight it and I support your desire to do what you feel is right for you to do.

But my cause is accuracy. I can sometimes be a bit of a jerk about it. You should see me tear up bad Einstein and Tesla quotes. I even had to tear down Carl Sagan once – that was hard because he’s one of my heroes. But wrong is wrong, even if I’m a fan.

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