BUT while I decided that’s a role I can play, I also wouldn’t ask or expect you to do the same.

on this issue, I’m in agreement with you about Skyler.

But I believe rehab is possible. Skyler listens and responds if you precisely speak his language. Well, if I do, as I’ve invested some time in long discussions to reach some sort of tentative agreement point about an issue.

I don’t know if it’s a boys club thing but probably is.

To give an analogy (an imperfect one), when BLM was making waves a few years ago, someone wrote a brilliant piece called “take out yo trash” — and it opened my eyes up to a sense of responsibility of making good use of my position in the boys club to attempt to effect positive change if I can.


BUT while I decided that’s a role I can play, I also wouldn’t ask or expect you to do the same.

The American white male club really is a real thing but even though I’ve been aware of it for decades, I only really started to seriously begin to “see it” just a few years ago.

I’m still blind to most of it but I learn as I go.

That false accusations occur is almost meaningless information though, unless it is followed with frequency. But even with that, it’s still a non sequitur when compared to rape underreporting.



It’s as meaningful as:
Fire alarms are pulled falsely. Agree?

There’s no meaning to that. Implications perhaps but as it stands, it doesn’t mean anything important, no more than “people sometimes lie”.


What is the relevance of “False accusations of rape are made. Agree?””

What follows acceptance of that statement?

If nothing is being inferred from acceptance to that statement, what meaning does it have to the discussion?


It would make your point if you also include the other things.

But to state that false rape accusations occur, all by itself with nothing else surrounding it, carries unstated implications around it that don’t necessarily logically lead to the same conclusions as the article.

That’s the issue. Why was it standing alone if not to infer other things?


Deleting the comment that you made at that time was a good move. It was too open to go into a direction that leads you straight into a rape apology.

As it stands, you can skirt it somewhat by pointing to the article and as per boy code, I’ll give you that space at this time and not mention the chain of logic that *usually* follows a statement of “false rape accusations occur. Agree?” standing all by itself.


I go by :: grunt? nod :: most of the time in real life or “sOmEoNe needs to…” and that someone is me – but usually Ken.

Forget the unreported rape cases. Let’s move to the “acceptance of guilt” because I missed that bit altogether.

What I saw was a statement standing alone, like a trick question ready to be pulled. But if it was relevant to a prior point that I missed, I’m willing to go over it.


a woman says a man raped her because a man raped her.
occasionally a woman says a man raped her and a man did not rape her.

How does this relate to guilt?


If you state all by itself, “False accusations of rape occur”, it serves no purpose all by itself, unless it’s being used to imply things about the character of the accuser that can lead to a rape apology because if something happens _sometimes_, perhaps it happens more frequently than is reported and perhaps there are more false accusations of rape than we know about because false accusations of rape occur at all.



It’s not wild. It’s a common pattern, starting with “Do you agree that false accusations of rape occur?”

I still don’t see the connection to guilt. I’ll scroll up and see if I can find it in the other thread but it’s not obvious when looking at the statement you made as it stands.

The point you made that comment was at the time of this comment. (the one top top of this thread).

I know because I was standing in front of a Burger King waiting for other people to finish at the time the message didn’t go through (as you’d deleted it)

I’m looking around for stuff about guilt surrounding this time frame but I don’t see it.





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