“But what about … THREE bits?” and Qutrits

yeah, I think the “quantum computing” (which is a fantastic field of research on its own) isn’t quite the same as it is in your field of research but I think they’re more inspired-by your research than anything.

Personally, I find the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qutrit conceptually more interesting with creating analogous systems for engineering purposes. I’ve always been a fan of Ternary logic, since I was a teenager, learned about binary and thought, “But what about … THREE bits?” and the fascination never left me.


Well, It’s 9:25am where I am and I am just starting my first coffee so maybe I wasn’t explaining my thinking properly:

The use of “quantum information” as its use for engineering devices isn’t using it in the same way. You’re using it as approximations of probabilities of relationships which do not have any ‘real’ ontological basis in reality per se, whereas when the concepts are applied for engineering, the qubit suddenly gains an ontological status and becomes a ‘something’ to manipulate.

Air vs a sealed can of air for an analogy of the difference between the two.


Oh I know I know. I made the mistake of joining Philosophy forums a year ago and I learned their weird language.


But yes, your interpretation is better: You’re the source of it. People trying to “lift” ideas from theoretical physics to perform other functions such as statistical analysis, building computers and such, aren’t REALLY using your ideas at all but are merely inspired by them.


[by “lift” I mean “steal”]



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