But War Games, now that was my speed. It all made total sense.

I had a Tandy Color Computer 2.  I was somewhere between pre-pube and pube age and thought Weird Science were a couple of pervs yet thought Kelly LaBrock was the hottest thing ever just the same.

Never understood the boob scene but I never understood the big deal ppl made over boobs., and tried to puzzle out just how the heck the computer was supposed to bring life into a barbie doll.

But War Games, now that was my speed.  It all made total sense.

If I saw this guy on a Computer User magazine (or whatever nerdy me was reading at the time… usually magazines with BASIC programs I had to type in), I think I would have shredded the cover.

It’s the stache.  I never trusted a guy with a stache.  They might try to sell me a car.

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