But true love? Eh. But…

Oh and wrt the OP, I’ve gotten sort of a “true love? eh.” attitude. But I believe in the power of friends, the kindness of strangers and I believe a deep connection is possible between people who just meet.

Happens to me all the time. I can “feel” the connection. Happens real life, over the Internet, wherever.

But true love? Eh. The “only-one-for-me” I kinda find to be a myth, but as long as someone isn’t torturing themselves over not getting it, it’s ok.

But awakening love? Well, I like awakening a “something” in other people. I think of it as friendship, a deep connection; and it’s love. But not of a “one-true-love” variety but rather a “Wow, we’re like alternative timelines of each other” – a compatibility across spacetime that goes beyond gender, age, race, location, time – anything.

or I could be full of crap. But I believe it.

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