But… …this is why proofreaders are needed.

I worked in a print shop around 1992. I was setting up menus for an Italian pizza place / restaurant in town on a Mac LC using Pagemaker.

I’d printed, cut out the menu changes and set up the menus, even used the hot wax to set the changes on the menus and scanned the new menus perfectly so that they’d be ready for printing on the presses.


…this is why proofreaders are needed.

Everywhere that I was supposed to write “chicken”?

I wrote “children”.

Baked Children Parmesan
Grilled Children with Goat Cheese
Citrus Marinated Children

I never even noticed it


lol nope, I always turn autocorrect off, even today, when I can. It’s just my brain swapping by itself


My boss, an old italian-American Democrat who listened to Rush Limbaugh daily just to yell at the radio, was smart though.

He looks at the menu and puts it down.

He’s like, “Ken, ken-ken-ken-ken. I want you to do something for me.”, while putting his hand on my shoulder and squeezing a little painfully.

“What?”,as push against his arm a little so he lets go.

“Type, “A chicken laid an egg”

I typed what I thought was “A chicken laid an egg”.

Then he showed it to me.

“A children laid an egg”.

Needless to say, I was pretty stunned.


acyclic graph. acrylic paint. acyclic graph. acrylic paint. acyclic graph. acrylic paint. acyclic. a sick lick.

A sick look at wikipedia articles in a directed acyclic graph.

New fish tank cleaner sold by Ace Hardware Ace “Sickle Ick”.

A secluded graphic cries as it finds itself without a clear purpose in life, desperately wishes he could join the directed acyclic graph.

There. I think I’ve retrained my fingers.


Thanks. Armand was a really smart guy. He was best buddies with Henny Youngman and a talk radio shock jock at the time, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Grant_(radio_host) who came by every week to the little NJ print shop and would hang out.

Funny thing about Bob Grant: you’d think he was the most racist, bigoted asshole that walked the planet…. if you believed his show. He was worse than Rush Limbaugh (although Rush was more anti-woman than anything).

But in real life, Bob Grant was nothing of the sort and didn’t believe 1/2 the shit he said on the radio.



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