But they really *do* exhibit ‘personality traits’ of some kind over long periods of ownership.

I’m not indicating that computers have free will. But you have differences in temperature, humidity, usage patterns.

The longer you use a computer, the less alike it is to any other computer on the planet earth.

I’m thinking on the level of flip/flop states though. On a far away zoom, yes, they can be considered identical.

But what packets they are receiving from the ‘net?
Key presses from operator? Memory states?

I’ve worked with computers since I got my first one in 1983 (Tandy Coco2) and never stopped. The love for computers and their workings has stayed with me since I was 11 years old.

But they really *do* exhibit ‘personality traits’ of some kind over long periods of ownership. Most bugs can eventually be tracked down, but the logic you have to use can be VERY strange.

First encounter with a weird situation was a piece of commercial Foxpro based software back in… gosh, 1992.

They couldn’t figure out why this software was locking up in the same place, but NOT every time. It appears consistent yet also random.

The software company was no use. The computer company was no use. They had 5 technicians before me and THEY couldn’t figure it out. Wasted weeks on this critical piece of software that JUST stopped working reliably.

I was one of their carpet cleaners. [it was a carpet cleaning company]. But I knew computers and helped people on the side for cash.

What did it turn out to be?

Bad video card. Hercules graphic card developed a hot spot.

Replaced the card, and $12 later (and paying me $100 for the troubleshooting/repair) they were saved… after wasting a lot more money on others.

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