But these wrinkled flags and cute little homemade roleplaying shields that they take so seriously is just enacted gaming culture. Real world’s way more criss-crossed and complicated than all this.

Yup. I can’t even say that I do either. But these wrinkled flags and cute little homemade roleplaying shields that they take so seriously is just enacted gaming culture. Real world’s way more criss-crossed and complicated than all this.

Eh, I think most systems that end up being monarchies of a kind are a big over-rated. They seem organized at the surface level, in the same way a corporate org chart seems organized. But the actual operations are far messier in reality.

North Korea’s a good example of “good external show”.

As I’m in the USA, I cant say much about any of these kinds of homogeny because, unless the whole Constitution is scrapped, it can’t happen in this environment. So, I don’t worry all that much about any of these homogenous systems.


Getting ahead in business is difficult unless you know people. In short, politics. [it’s not what you know, it’s who you know].

But I don’t see why women HAVE to fight for everybody else too. Sometimes banding together your group with similar groups is a good strategy and sometimes it’s stronger to focus on unique strengths.


All the real work in any organization is done in an unofficial, interdepartmental fashion. It’s a very rare company that recognizes these unofficial channels and restructures itself accordingly and even rarer for that to happen in a political environment.

And sometimes, it’s precisely because the actual work gets done “in the dark”, off the radar, that it works. Brought into the light, some of these deals don’t work at all.


I’m as “WASP”-y as a bored Connecticut family eating dinner at a long table, barely talking to each other except in sarcastic comments.

But it’s not my identity. I’m a being on this planet… somehow. I don’t ‘get’ the nationalism of this kind.


Where I’m live (southwest florida, but I’m from new jersey), there’s a “mild” white power that’s common around here. It was weird to me but I got used to it around here.

It seems all the kids in school go through a mini white power phase. Never saw it in NJ but I see it here. Seen it with an older nephew, a niece (who still likes Hitler) and now with my 12 yr old nephew who’s only “ironically” trolling with pro-Hitler stuff. [I’m keeping 1/2 an eye on him though, trying to keep him at the “its only for trolling purposes” and to not ACTUALLY ‘drink the kool-aid’.


He just proudly told he me he was trolling a pro-Jake Paul ROBLOX game with a few other people, switching accounts and shouting things like “hitler did nothing wrong” in the chat to get banned over and over by the admins.

I’m usually really supportive of everything he does, but this stuff I’m not, so I opened mocked and was like, “Haha, you’re hanging out with like the CRINGIEST crowd of people possible”, showed him this and made some remark about drinking the kool aid.

He went back inside after that. I’m not going to tell him who to be friends with but I’m not going to hold back my mockery of “cute white power” stuff ’cause I *do* think it’s stupid.


Never heard of the white panthers but I try not to get too deep into it. What I’ve been doing is “filling in the gaps” as he goes along, correcting little history mistakes I hear and stuff. Once he was copying some jokes about “Jews in the shower” so I showed him actual pictures of the actual showers real quick and he moved onto a different topic.

I don’t want to lecture – he has a right to formulate whatever political beliefs he wants in his own way, but you bet I’m going to inject my opinions where I think it matters. Beyond that it’s up to him.


I expect a significant amount of Germanic in mine. I think the path was Sweden-area, down through Germany, down to England somewhere and getting stuck there for 800 years then off to Connecticut and New Jersey for the last 500 years.


Whole thing has the appearance of a staged affair with both sides playing for the same team that unfortunately got out of hand, like a bunch of college LARP ppl taking their parts too seriously.

There’s always “that one guy” that takes things too far, yeah.

Most people AREN’T that into politics all that much and those that are, show up at these things and slap each other in the face constantly.


Yeah there’s that, the whole, “politics finds its way into everything we think say and do”, that’s true.

I know my very perspective is colored by whatever forces shaped my way of thinking. I pick through it and try to identify sources and stuff.

But the “sports-like” way? Not everybody’s into the sports-way of it.


But what I witnessed today and most of the clashes I witness look like college kid LARPing with some fireworks. Once the video games are put down and life goes on, politics is just a murmur in the background.


Oh, I think they’re separate things most of the time. I mean, a lot depends on what’s around you. Like, in New Jersey, the confederate flag just meant “I’m a REBEL”. Where I am, it seems to be an all-purpose “Southern Pride”, a way of saying “we’re different, not like the up north folks. We’re proud of country music and fishing / hunting and America”.

But there’s always people who take it too far, and people who aren’t particular about who stands alongside them.

Like if *I* was dong a “don’t take down the statue” march, I’d be careful what flags were flown, what messages were being sent out and stuff.

But it’s not my circus, so



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