But then I remind myself “Representation matters”

Hope they make something of this. Sometimes when I see articles that focus on age like this, I look for the little ways ageism shows in the headline, subheadline (where you almost always fine it – but most headline writing in general is clickbaity and always was) and also within the article.
But then I remind myself “Representation matters” and each time there’s a “14 year old does [amazing thing]” it’s a little reminder to not underestimate based upon age, much as why you’ll see “[minority] does [amazing thing]” and “First [gender identity] does [amazing thing]”. I find those kinds of headlines/articles can be patronizing at times but by the same token, there’s still a place for it as many are still unenlightened enough to still need the reminders.
Impressive in this case is that they did not take pains to point out [gender identity] in a [gender identity]-can-do-it-TOO, which the science community has moved beyond a while ago. The mention that did show up was a natural part of the story and presented naturally.

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