But the school system is smart about this too:


t I’m sure. I just think the rise of the alt right influence on the youtube he watches and stuff was more influential than anything. Plus he’s tired of reading books where “the little guy always wins”. One day months ago says to me, “Why can’t the strong guy win, beat up the little guy and walk away for a change?” But his experiences in 6th grade public school are starting to answer that question for him more than anything.


I think he’s a globalist at heart but he’s been seeing through the transparent childishness of the books/movies they feed kids.

But the school system is smart about this too: Last few books he had to read, the good guy dies, or is tortured horribly, or the happy ending has a twist where it isn’t.

It’s not bullshit. That’s my ugly yellow chair. Took this picture about 1/2 hour ago. He sat here and was reading passages from the book for me. At least he finds it interesting. He finds most books boring to read (I usually do too). Computers give more interactive experience.




that’s just observation from me. He was all about Minecraft, Animal Jam, Super Mario Maker, and pranking/trolling videos on youtube.

He’d make Clinton and Trump jokes, crappy jokes that pass around school.

But about three weeks ago, he showed me a drawing from a friend of his – I have it – showed a trump wearing a nazi-ish uniform and had a small woman in a cage way in the distance. [clinton obviously]. He comes out each day and every few days there’s some question or some thought about Hitler or Nazis that he says.


11 yr old ne developed interest in Hitler after Trump win. He got this from school library. Finds Hitler “interesting”. He’ll be fine I’m sure though.


He’s testing his limits right now. I did the same at his age – still do. I had a fascination with Dr. Mengele somewhere in middle school myself.


When he told me what he expected I wanted to hear, “but of course he killed the jews and that was bad and I don’t want that but at least that doesn’t happen today”.

So, I showed him a video from today about a clown in Aleppo that was killed recently and told him a little about Syria. Kinda ‘real”ed it for him a little better. He’s ready for it in small doses.


I also made it a point – and I think I’m going to do this more now – that his regime killed *people*. The fact that they were Jewish, gay, black is #2. He killed people that happened to be Jewish, gay, black. It’s a tough point to get across to adults but a stereotyping mind can be hard to break so I’m pushing back in little ways.


Oh he’s not a Hitler, not even close. He used people’s gullibility to get in a position to profit in new ways. I’m from NJ and grew up with him around in the news. He’s transparent as glass.


Yeah – and *that’s* the part that Trump has in common with Hitler – the delegation tendency. My main issue with Trump in that regard is that he picks awkward noisy people, not necessarily effective people. But I think that’s a part of his, “Hire stupid people so you look smart” MO. But maybe not. I’m not overly concerned as there’s more than enough people concerned and doing something as few actually want American to fail.


People like Trump and Clinton are above the law. Just how it is.


He came out here and we were talking about it for a bit. He said, “I think the author is pro Hitler.” I gave a raised eyebrow, “In a school library book? woah – you really think so? that’s crazy!”

So he said “lemme check”. He reads through the table of contents, finds a chapter that looks like it’d have his answer, flipped through a few pages and read a couple of paragraphs aloud.

“Ok, so she’s probably not a Nazi writing a book for kids but I’m still not sure.”

I like that he’s checking for bias rather than blindly assuming, “because it’s from a school library, it won’t have bias”.


The local KKK grand dragon guy lives a block away from here (near the Everglades) and the school system is known to have white power elements in it, staff and students alike. Mostly harmless but tied strongly into Southern Pride stuff.

So, it wouldn’t REALLY surprise me if there was a propaganda book in a middle school library here that goes unchecked. But this doesn’t seem to be one.


I believe in school choice on principle but there will be the $7500 schools and then the rest.

It’ll be great for homeschooling and big pocket private schools but in areas that profit-educators don’t expect to profit in, it’s going to suck worse than the worst ones do now. Needs to be a net at the bottom for some kind of educational equality.


As long as there is transparency, I’m fine with it. As it stands, charter schools in some states commit fraud regularly. Been following charter schools for years and while there are good ones – some are excellent in fact – it’s the ones at the bottom that concern me. We don’t need more of those.


But… since it’ll likely be easy to start up a school, *maybe* with enough competition, the good ones will win out over the bad. Or maybe Walmart will start up chains of schools. That could work.


I don’t care much for natural selection models as these are real people who don’t deserve to be educationally handicapped due to ‘picking poorly’ or being stuck in an area with shitty selections. Not to say that doesn’t ALREADY happen because it does. I just want to keep my eyes peeled.

But the growth of online charter schools is a bonus. I’ve seen tremendous strides in that area already and I’m hopeful that’s where more of the future lay.


But, with a set of minimal standards that must be met and community oversight along with whatever govt oversight will be there, I’m fine with a voucher system.

It’s actually one of the things that’s always kept me from ever being “full democrat”. I always believed in choice and still do. I just want to make sure it’s done right.


Lots of horrible things have happened in institutional situations that lacked transparency and oversight. Mental hospitals, private schools, orphanages… we have 150 years+ of lessons to draw from on what “not to do”. So hopefully we don’t forget as a nation.


Gypsies don’t think of the rest of us as human so they have no reason to talk about it. Disabled people only get a voice when a kindly nondisabled person speaks up.

[A co-worker of my mother’s did undercover work in the 80s with local NJ Gypsies. Lived and worked among them for two years. When he’d describe how they viewed everybody else, it’s not that we were lesser people. It was far deeper than that]


That’s what I’ve heard but it had to have been an awfully long time ago. They have entirely distinct social rules and, well, we’re not a part of any of it. We’re handy beings to have around when they need money or stuff but otherwise, pretty useless.


He’s not idolizing him just finds him interesting, and he is. As far as “reflection of parenting”, you don’t know basic child developmental psychology. Influence of parents is pretty much ‘nil’ after the age of 7. Social, entertainment, hobbies, etc takes over.


No idea. Schoolkids, iFunny and youtube personalities probably. He barely watches TV. He just started talking about Hitler soon after the election. Before that he’d make stupid Trump and Clinton and Nazi jokes but got seriously interested after Trump won. Could be totally unrelated.


Kids don’t live so much in the world of TV news and their parents though, at least generally.

If you observe meme culture, Nazism and hitler have been hot stuff for a strong two years solid, long before Trump said anything about running.

But the first push was around 2011 online, around the time of “gamer gate”.

Prior to that, they were limited to stormfront, 4chan and other safe spaces.

Flash forward to 2014/5: There was a thing at the time of finding “rare pepes”. The little frog character showing up in various places. The stranger the situation, the better.

But some pro-hitlerish types started using the character in nazi situations. So, you’d occasionally get a rare pepe with a hitler mustache or other less savory situations.

But then, suddenly, here comes Trump. They pounced on it and the memes began to spread.

Lots of eyes watching. Millions. Influencing youtuber, online games, people sharing funny memes with each other and such.

XBox culture is a huge part of this too. [he doesn’t have one which even HE’S glad for because XBox culture is basically “assholes”].

The sense of humor online began to get more and more crude post 2011. Anti-feminist, “anti-SJW”, Men’s rights, white rights, all mixed into the fray, starting with the gamergate thing.

By 2014/15, the ground was ready. Trump was the perfect seed to be planted in that soil.

It’s not that he’s a Nazi – he’s not. It’s not that the ‘liberal media says so”. It’s not that -I’m amazed they caught on at all to be honest.

It was already there. he just happened to be the savior they were looking for to crystalize a focus.

But even if Trump was never there, he’d probably still be curious about Hitler around this time. Trump just became a figurehead for something that was already there.


The liberal media is like a clueless aunt who is the “last to know things”. They don’t start stuff; they just mangle it up.


He wanted to do Hitler for a biography for comedy. He’s the class clown. He described one girl who drives him nuts that whipped her head around and her jaw dropping as very satisfying.

Yet, he’s really going to do it.


I think his interest crystalized when his friend drew this picture on the bus and gave it to him. His friend said he wanted to draw a Nazi symbol on the arm but then realized he’d get in big trouble if he got caught drawing it.

Wasn’t long after that before my ne started saying, “Swastika is cool” and started telling me the history of the Swastika and “how it’s not really a bad symbol – it’s from Hindi culture and…” etc. [he also happened to be studying India for his history class at the time].

After hearing the lecture, I said, “The symbol was forever ruined by the Nazis though which is why people no longer use it”. I saw the lightbulb go on.

What I think had happened is he looked it up after his friend made a point to NOT draw it and saw a youtuber talking about how it’s Not fair that the swastika is villainized when it’s just a harmless symbol” – which is the kind of stuff he was saying. Hopefully I issued a good correction. There’s a lot of competing ideologies out there.


Well, Jack, outside of three or four countries, it’s currently ruined worldwide at least for now.

US, Ukraine and Pacific island of Palau are the only three countries defending it right now as a free speech issue.


I agree. Nazism is gone and the neo-form is just… well, it’s not Nazism.


Well even in that case, Hitler is used as a focal point but in that case, it’d be more https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kristallnacht than it would be Hitler per se.

yet even then, there’s a long history of the angrily shouting at outgroup members and advocating violence.

Your very last name shows a British/US ”thing’ that far predates nazi germany.

But yes, the advocating of violence against outgroup members is a disturbing trend. Even along little kids online, it’s common to see them writing to each other “kys” (kill yourself), or “drink bleach” and stuff like that. Thankfully it’s become so common that once kids get over the initial shock of the harshness of ‘comment culture’, I think most adapt and blow it off in the same way we would have if someone said, “Go jump off a bridge” or “go play in traffic”.


In the 1930s, there was plenty of support for Hitler from the West.

When Kennedy wrote this : https://www.amazon.com/Prelude-Leadership…/dp/0895264315 – Hitler was a pretty current.

There’s no denying JFK was impressed by Hitler. Even my ne is impressed by Hitler. It’s hard not to be even this many years away.

Yet I still think of him primarily as filling a slot that would’ve been filled by someone else had he not been around.


He was originally going to do that. But his middle school library doesn’t have a copy and he found out it was too expensive. I could’ve told him about the public library but the book his library had instead is better anyway.


I’ve never even read it. No interest. Hitler is mildly interesting to me but I never had a fascination with him. Mengele I found interesting. Hitler? Not so much.


Zeitgeist – yes that’s what it’s called. Yeah, I do. I don’t discount his achievements, both good and evil either. The speeches he gave were very well written and he delivered them perfectly. He had a snazzy haircut and had smart advisors who probably kept him in the dark more than informed him, much like what happens in every organization.


Well, see, I don’t have to read it  You did and you gave a summary that tells me all I need right now.


I’ve read hundreds of books that I’ve never read that way. I had someone walk me through the Hunger Games a few years ago. Now THAT was involved. But I never had to read the original text.


I’ve never been one for original sources unless I’m tracking down a quote. I find people’s-impressions-of far more fascinating than whatever I might make of something.

For example, if I wanted to study the book, I’d, I dunno, find a “Mein Kampf for kids” and see that perspective. Then I’d find someone who was a regular on stormfront and see their opinion. Then I’d find someone whose grandfather was in a concentration camp. Amass enough perspectives, a picture emerges.



Oh, I’d never have a single opinion. I so much don’t want a single opinion that I don’t even want MY opinion at first. What makes mine any damn better than anybody else’s?

So I begin collecting opinions and try not to form much of my own at first.

In studying theology, I looked at multiple perspectives. I even read the Bible (several versions but my favorite was “Readers Digest Condensed Bible). Never got into close reading of texts. That’s what they drilled into us at school – ‘close reading’ – but it was never my thing.


Hartshorne sounds right up my alley. I think of it in terms negative space. One of the things that attracted me to Orthodoxy in my late 20s was its use of Apophatic Theology – that you can describe what God is not better than what God is. That appealed to me greatly.



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