but that little missing ‘gap in time’ is always there.

I’m 1/2 deaf (‘tin ear’) and the good ear only goes up to 5000hz [premie – 6.5 months – born in ’72 so I’m glad to be here tongue emoticon ] and 1/2 blind – but none of these things are noticeable thanks to early intervention and a little speech therapy.

Anyway, I can hear octaves in my brain that are higher than I’ve ever been able to hear [and lower as well, although not nearly as far ’cause it switches to beats below a certain point].

Vocal production was always tricky; I’m constantly aware of a 200-400ms lag whenever I speak/sing/whatever. it’s not something outwardly noticeable but inside, the lag is always there.

I think I developed it during speech therapy in 3rd grade in an attempt to NOT stutter, say “uh” and “oh” and stuff like that.

So, I have a hyperawareness of muscular movement; voice box, mouth position, etc. I can just ‘do it’ and ignore the process most of the time, but that little missing ‘gap in time’ is always there.

Anyway, when you mentioned “setting up the muscles” it reminded me of that.

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