But that little animation up above launched a whole line of thinking,

I love this animation. I was impressed by it when I first saw it because it metaphorically describes very well how I think about the “stitching together” of reality processes that happen within us, just in a “lock stitch” form.

I was so impressed by 
it almost two years ago I even had a website, “stitchlock” – which I think I let expire, that tried to show the ‘gist’ of my thinking in the most abstract way possible: [absurdly of course]


I have a whole long boring thing I wrote up somewhere with consciousness relating it to the lock-stitch but I abandoned it when I realized I’d just be ANOTHER middle aged guy thinking he’s got it “all figured out”, so I put it aside to keep researching.

Then six months later, I was onto my “leaky triangles” hypothesis:
http://system-of-systems.com/ which I put aside after a few months because I could see I was going to start sounding rather kooky if I pursued it further tongue emoticon

just_in_case_you_ever_wonder_how_a_sewing_machine_works-98670all surrounding the “gap” – the “what happens in the gap” and then looking up at the one part of the stitching mechanism and then the other part of the stitching mechanism from the perspective of the hole.

Yeah, I know it sounds strange. I wish I had decent animation skills. smile emoticon

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