But, real world is more like this:

Ideally? Sure. In theory (only) I’m a fan of charter schools. Same with for-profit prisons. In theory, it’s great! Simple. Just follow these simple guidelines and don’t stray.

But, real world is more like this:


Will it be common? Unlikely, outside of “common fudging” of numbers. [although the fudging of numbers in current US charter schools when they were under the Bush “No Child left behind” was of epic fraud proportions)

But still, there has to be oversight committees.

naive metric of “profit” isn’t real world.


Anecdote: Ignore as you may. 1980s, my mother worked at the local prosecutor’s office. They had a huge drug bust and invited the press to take pictures. Millions of $$ worth laid out across several large tables.

Two guards were stationed there 24 hrs a day.

Why? Two reasons.

One of the reasons was to watch each other.

This is why we have checks and balances and NOT a single simple straight line up.

The good news is, checks and balances aren’t going anywhere under a Trump administration. So, I don’t worry that much about the next four years ultimately.


Of course conspiracies are possible. Of course they happen. But that’s what attempts at transparency are about. I don’t know what drug you’re taking


He can’t. He’s not. He can’t. Period. You can have your candy and lollipop dreams and write fanfiction and roleplay on Skype about it but it ain’t happening.


He’s planning to try. Whether he can or not is another story, but at least he has the right yes ppl in his cabinet that will tell him he can.

And, maybe he will. Not much will change for me. As far as school goes? It always sucks for the kids. It’ll just suck in a slightly different way but not that much different. The government ALWAYS finds a way to fuck up childhoods.


I’m glad for that. I think homeschooling was one of the best things to happen to US education.


Let’s hope it doesn’t get taken away. (if there’s no $$ to be made by homeschooling, it might). But hopefully it’ll stay.




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