But racist? Of course, although old fashioned “bigot” term is more appropriate.

I’m ancient. 45. Grew up in New Jersey. Trump was always in the news about some slumlord project or fall-apart casino of his in the 80s. He was adorable in the late 80s though with Ivanka and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

But racist? Of course, although old fashioned “bigot” term is more appropriate. People always just rolled his eyes when he talked, sounding like an out of place Archie Bunker with an 80s hairstyle.

His third time running for President, he finally squeaked in. He’s been around a long time.


He’s Archie Bunker racist. Doesn’t belong in the Oval Office. Embarrassing, looks ridiculous, makes all of his friends in low places (his 80s Mafia connections weren’t even with the big families, ,but the less powerful ones. One of the little families in the NJ town I grew up in worked with Trump – AND I’d get to hear them complaining at the bar in the 90s when he screwed them over with his fancy lawyers covering his ass).

I wouldn’t even think he was particularly racist if it wasn’t for spending 6 years trying to delegitimize Obama’s presidency – even trying to de-Americanize him with the birther BS… and now trying to erase the first black President from history by reversing WHATEVER he did, whatever it was.

But whether or not there’s fire there, there’s definitely a lot of smoke.


I only ever respected him as a B or C-level entertainment figure. That’s all he’s good for for me and his current TV show is getting stale.


Being rich doesn’t give hm an excuse. There’s more ethical rich people out there (and less ethical too). I don’t like everything Obama did but I don’t like everything any of them do. But at least I wasn’t embarrassed. I had to apologize for Clinton, for Bush, for Trump, but not for Obama, except for Common Core.


Besides John, he’s the President. Part of their very JOB is to take criticism – and take it like a man.


Hilary Clinton was more of a man than Trump… at least until she published her book. But she’s past history anyway. I’m more focused on today and the future.


He’s low-class rich. I suppose that’s why a lot of people like him. But he’d step on the faces of the people that like him if he could improve his income. I prefer a President who shits on America with at least some class.


I don’t want to be one of Trump’s bitches. I don’t know why anybody would. He won, that’s great, his time will pass and we’ll get some other asshole up there.


He’s fixing to set his grandkids up financially, always marketing the Trump brand to suckers to buy his hats, coolie cups, t-shirts and stuff.

He sells what his people want to hear but he’s not delivering more than a show. He says the words they want to hear, then blames everybody else when it flops.

There’s checks and balances for a reason and they work. You know what impressed me? When he said “FU” to the Republicans and embraced the Democrats on the DACA issue. THAT’S the way to do things. More of that (go with what works) and he might impress me a little.

Right now, I believe him as much as I believe a used car salesman selling cars out of his backyard. Office politics doesn’t work in Washington and I think he’s learning that.


Kelly’s been the best thing for his administration. I hope he doesn’t screw that up. Kelly’s doing proper house cleaning right now as Trump only picks kiss asses. There’s hope yet.


I’m starting to like Rex T. I hated him as CEO of Exxon but he’s taking his current role seriously and is an intelligent man. Even if I don’t agree with all the stuff he’s doing, I know he’s not stupid and that’s enough for me right now.



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