but perhaps it can self-organize somehow in the meanwhile.

is where I’ve been collecting everything I’ve EVER written anywhere that I can find. A *few* things are missing; this very comment, for example, is likely not to be copied and pasted into it; but many of my FB comments are.

I realized I don’t have the organizational skills yet to write “The Book” [although I’ve self-published two on Amazon just to see to see if it was easy, and it is] – but perhaps it can self-organize somehow in the meanwhile.

I *did* find a tool to help categorize my writings via Dewey Decimal analysis [a tool used for librarians to organize academic papers] and came up with a chart showing what my main interests seem to be in. [and it’s accurate – I know it is, because I’m the one it studied tongue emoticon ]

so I’m getting there. And it’s WordPress. I was going to roll my own website *again* – but this time, I figured the tools WordPress has were worth the occasional WP oddities.

nvm – I added that comment anyway. [just not this one tongue emoticon ]

It’s up to 24,526 posts. With that much data, I’m sure something will come of it somehow tongue emoticon

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