But pay attention. Don’t just say “get tough” and walk away.

One on one that might work.

Many on one, no. It doesn’t work.

More important is being able to fight the battles you can fight, and then knowing when you need to get help.

But then, what kind of help?

Gang violence is sometimes the result of victim vigilante justice that grows into a force of its own. The victims become the bullies.

The Meme is cute but oversimplifies a complicated issue and really, it’s fucked up that we create systems like schools that shove future murderers with future nobel prize winners and then walk away when there’s a problem.

“Oh, you have a problem? yeah, fight it out. here’s a kitchen knife. Make it count.” and adult walks away.

The adults are responsible for the systems we shove kids in for 12 years. If we’re not doing a good job monitoring things, then we’ve failed.

Of course not every situation can be anticipated or handled, and by the time a kid DOES come to ask for help, they’re often at a breaking point and desperate.

One solution doesn’t fit all situations but we can’t absolve adult responsibility for at least some of the mess. How many suicides? Cutters? clinical depression? Are they social rejects who should be thrown away?

Toughen up? Sure.

But pay attention. Don’t just say “get tough” and walk away.

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