BUT: overall, the system seems to work well enough. So, I don’t know. That’s my answer. I honestly don’t know.

I don’t know who I’m going to vote for until I close the curtain. I want maximum data. I don’t have enough yet. Data that’s sans hyperbole is hard to find, so I have to find the signal through the noise.

I took the “Isidewith” political compass test, and I came up as extremely strong for Sanders. So, logically, that would be my choice.

At the same time, I’m listening. I can see where different leaders could accomplish different goals, some of which might be beneficial to the USA and some detrimental. So, could I see an effective Trump presidency? yes I can.

I can also see an effective Clinton presidency.

Cruz? Not so sure. But there’s checks and balances there too.

And for me, that’s the thing: The strong checks and balances is what makes me NOT worry so terribly about the person “on top”. Yes, they can declare war. Yes, they can assign justices once old justices die, changing the decisions of the supreme court to favor one side or the other. Yes, they can veto bullet-hole riddled bills that make it through the cacophony of congress.

BUT: overall, the system seems to work well enough.

So, I don’t know. That’s my answer. I honestly don’t know.

Here’s an alt.opinion of Sanders from Garry Kasperov, chess champion. Mind you, he’s just a guy with an opinion but it’s pretty cool to see what bigshots think. Whether they’re wrong or right, still makes for interesting opinions.


Sure it does. It’s being counted. You see the numbers, and the 8 at the end turns to a 9. With the OTHER STUFF on the ballet, the vote absolutely matters, even if not the presidency, ESPECIALLY with the stuff for local elections. That stuff can DIRECTLY impact your day-to-day life.

No, you’re wrong. Voting matters. Even if you write in Deeznuts for president, you participated in the process.

Of course you could choose to abstain from voting at all. I know a LOT OF PEOPLE who don’t vote, and a number of people are going to give up on voting if they feel that Sanders won’t win.


it’s not a democracy. The USA is an oligarchy with the veneer of a representative democracy.

So what?

That’s the Fed level.

State and local levels _are_ representative democracies.


You’re right. It is. It’s just sometimes easy start ‘feeling down’ because life isn’t Utopia but relatively speaking, I got nothing to complain about and I’m grateful for that.


I don’t really care who ends up president. Trump? Fine. Sanders? Fine. Clinton? Fine. Deeznutz? Fine.

But it’s for all the other stuff that it matters. Local and state elections. Local issues. Even disregarding the issues at hand in any given election, being part of the process does one amazing thing:

It gives you the right to complain when things aren’t going your way.


The next prez will reverse it, even Clinton, just like Obama reversed “No Child Left Behind”. It took a while, but many of the pet policies of past presidents usually end up being thrown out or revised heavily so the “new guy/gal” can make their mark.


I’m glad they trashed it. It put the nails in the coffin for Common Core. My nephew (5th grade) has suffered with 1.5 yrs of it now, and yeah, it’s shit.


I heart emoticon Carlin. He was a mentor, a father figure to me and he was right about a LOT of things.

_however_, he was dead wrong on a few, and this is one of them.


But Brett, that’s like complaining that you didn’t ask to be born.

We’re born in a society we didn’t choose to be.

It’s set up in a way we didn’t choose.

Ok. That happened. Now you’re here.

What you provided is not, imo, a good reason not to vote. It’s not making a stand. It’s becoming invisible.


To be fair, I don’t rally during the primaries and I make nearly the same arguments as you did regarding the primaries.

So, I’m a hypocrite. But I still believe in participating in voting. I don’t ALWAYS vote, but I believe in showing up.


When a parent gives a child a toy, the child thinks they own the toy and have rights to the toy.

But they do not own the toy. The parents own the toy. The child has no right to the toy except that granted by the parents.


Well, tbh, what I think what would happen is that it would expose naked the _actual_ political processes that do most of the work for that they are and that would be embarrassing to those in power.

They’d have to admit we’re federally an oligarchy.

It’s a tempting thought but I think what it does instead is lowers the amount of people’s votes who do count, making their votes count more in the portion of the election process where votes have some influence.

Fewer people, louder voices. Concentrations of power. Ability to influence the electorate.


Personally? I like being a fly in the ointment.


I know we had to go off the gold standard. Still, there’s an attractiveness to having a tangible.

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