But once in a while, I’ll hear something that makes me go, “ooh, this is genuinely new to my ears”. Love those moments.’

I gave up trying to find music I really like years ago. It’s so rare that I hear something I REALLY like. I need surprise, variety, unexpected patterns I’ve never heard, discord, precision, analog mess, 8-bit, orchestral, and textures lots of textures, and speed… raw speed as well as “take me on a journey”… and it’s a pain in the butt looking.

So, what I usually do instead is find _something_ in every song I hear that i like.. .something I can appreciate. I have yet to find a piece of music that I can’t appreciate somehow.

But once in a while, I’ll hear something that makes me go, “ooh, this is genuinely new to my ears”. Love those moments.’


What happens to me with music is like what happens to me with snacks.

Once upon a time, I loved chips called “Bravos”. Couldn’t get enough. Bought a bag for lunch every day. Loved it every day. It was fantastic!

After six months, it was suddenly cardboard. Next day, cardboard. Waited a week? cardboard. Waited a month? cardboard. A couple of years later? cardboard.

Totally spoiled my taste for it by overindulging.

So, music is like that for me.


damn it, and it happens so far. Six hours ago, the composer of this:

shared it with me. Heard it – loved it! New stuff I haven’t heard before.

I downloaded the album.

Now I’m listening to it a second time..

I know every note that’s coming before it comes now and the ‘new flavor’ is gone. I still like it better than most stuff I hear but once I can predict the notes it gets harder to get that “oh wow i like this so much” feeling.

One freakin’ listen and it’s etched. grr. I need musical amnesia.


Oh I’ve done that too! Sometimes a song gets ‘stuck’ and I have to hear it over and over again. Hm, the list of those songs is probably like 100-200 tops if I went through them all.

Yeah, those are the songs that I enjoy every time I hear them. They’re uncommon but I have them too.


here’s what I hate though: when I’ve saturated with a song and a friend LOVES it and I have to hear it over and over and over again. I hear ONE note and my brain starts screaming, so I start mentally writing a counterpoint to it or change the words or something.


Oh this is fantastic for my ears: I’m listening to this: https://triponacci.bandcamp.com/track/stay-close-to-the-fire and I clicked on your song and I’m hearing both simutlaneously. The beats are matching up, yours is slower tempo and the one I was already listening has hyper-fast tempo.. and they’re mostly matching up.

Ear treat.


I’m trying it again, this time with the next song on the Psy Ren track to see if it meshes nicely together. So far, so good. I love textures and while I can’t follow three people talking at once, I can hear several songs at once. I’m so glad I never got into drugs ’cause I’d be one of those that needs weirder and wierder fixes.


The chant with the rap and the electronic speed beat… it’s a great combo for me.


jesus, even the breaks are matching up. I just pressed play at the same time and it’s working.

It was just one of those weird coincidences. I pressed play on the video and then the song on my computer and it was matching up surprisingly well.

So after it finished, I downloaded A Tribe Called Red song that I just heard, threw it in audacity and there it was.

They just happened to be in the same key and while the other song I was listening to was at a faster beat, it was at a multiple of the Red tribe song.



I guess in a way it shouldn’t be surprising ’cause they’re both “trance” type songs (not specifically trance genre but i mean they’re the kinds of songs you let yourself get sucked into and stay for a while)


oh this is too much fun for me. I downloaded the other Tribe called red song and checkie this out? The 2nd song, once you get past the voice-over, lines up. The total length of the two songs and the length of that one song I had = same length.

[plus it turns out I mixed in the wrong order but it still worked out]

Meh, I should’ve been a DJ. Good thing I wasn’t though – they have to have such libraries on hand.



Totally unrelated but I have no respect — remember I said I heard the two songs matching up? (well three)  I left it unlisted but I wanted at least you and the person who made the electronic thing to hear this.

Might be garbage to your ears or beautiful – it was my first time hearing any of these songs – but I love when beats match and mismatch and when the… syncopation is that the word – is just a little off expectations.

keeping it unlisted but it was fun to put together and listen to.



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