But now I look forward to being wrong. It’s so strange really.

So very true. I understand when people don’t want to check their opinions and beliefs. It’s embarrassing to say, “I was wrong”. Male culture, the way that it seems to be, using the words “I don’t know” is almost a forbidden set of words, making it better to pretend to have the answers. Strange customs. I fall into them too.

But now I look forward to being wrong. It’s so strange really. I look forward to being corrected and finding out that I had been holding on to a mistaken belief – sometimes for my whole life. And now I relish the opportunity to further dismantle my assumptions. it’s brought me closer to understanding what I *really* believe and why. I can choose what to accept and reject. It’s allowed me to be more forgiving of other’s and their beliefs too because dismantling is hard and ego-busting at first; far easier to stick with a set that has a clear brotherhood to be a part of, and a clear set of enemies to fight. But I don’t want to fight. I just want to understand stuff.

I also recognize that EVERYTHING i JUST SAID… could be full of crap. I have to remind myself of that. tongue emoticon

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