But it’s not disingenuous. Just amplified.

But it’s not disingenuous. Just amplified.

“Am I supposed to feel something here?”
[listens to feelings really closely – gets a whisper]
“Ah, there it is. What’s the socially appropriate response?”
[looks in mental database, enacts as best as possible].

Now it’s practically automatic. Quick amplification. But I can remember having to go through it carefully. Perfectionism kicking in slowed it all down too.


I also know when “ah ha, i’m mocking him right in front of his face and he doesn’t realize it” – and always did. But that’s a waste of energy to respond in socially expected offense manner unless I’m playing. I find doing literal annoys which is far more effective anyway.


Oddly enough, if white men in America knew their actual power, they’d be more like me. But most play victim instead. Sad really. Classic example is the boomer “I hate my wife and my kids are awful” schtick. but it also applies to a lot of memes.


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