But I’m not everybody. I learned to distract myself. Being a nerd, fascinated by everything, it was easy for me.

I’m no redneck though. I’m from New Jersey. I learned “sticks and stones” through tears walking home in the 3rd grade and by the 4th grade, I had my shields up and I was ready for battle. I kept my sorrows to myself or I’d turn them into complaints most of the time.

But I’m not everybody. I learned to distract myself. Being a nerd, fascinated by everything, it was easy for me.

But there’s boys and men out there that are keeping a stiff upper lip, showing outward face of strength but are inwardly dying. I don’t know what that’s like entirely but I know it’s true because people who deal with it have told me.

So, this is for them. It’s also for us because it’s easy to forget that we don’t know what inner demons someone is fighting.


t’s not more crying though. Some boys/men don’t cry at all. Not a drop. Ever. This isn’t something you or I had to really deal with apparently.

I get choked up at a powerful movie scene. I let myself cry when someone dies that’s close to me. But I don’t sit there with arms folded, refusing to let myself feel anything, although I probably have my ‘emotional manipulation’ guard up most of the time anyway.

We’re lucky that we have simple tips and tricks that work for us.

There’s guys afraid to cry. Someone might laugh at them. Call them names. Oust them from the social group. Or they’re angry all of the time when really that’s the wrong emotional state for their situation. Those are the people to be concerned about.

Not only for suicide: But also for those people who might take others down with them.


The main point of this Joe is that there are men who never cry. You know enough to do it alone, go into your room, whatever.

Some people always hold it in even when it’s necessary to get it out.

Those are the people that the message is for.

You ever see those people who end up shooting up schools? I bet they never cried. They held it in, turned it to rage instead.

Some turn it to themselves. It’s not about making crybabies. You know crying is appropriate at times and at other times not.

But some people never do when they should, all because they took the “don’t cry” message too seriously, too much to heart.



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