But I’m glad I took up writing

Kenneth Udut, 9/24/2003
But I’m glad I took up writing.  What did I write about?

Well, I considered fiction, but felt it would be too difficult to come up with characters that weren’t too close to home.  I didn’t want to reveal too much of myself and family and friends, since I valued their privacy as much as my own.

However, I’m glad I did a little research into what is missing in the book marketplace, and took advantage of that, to write a book on a subject that was bugging a lot of people, and they wanted to see.

I asked people, “What would you like to see a book about?”, and they told me.

I wrote a book about organizing your thoughts, because it has always been a issue.  I took various perspectives, some from religious spheres, some scientific, some common-man perspectives.

I showed people how to prioritize projects.

But it wasn’t about organizing time.  Time is not the issue, but rather, sanity.

Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but some things are just more important than others.  Figuring that out, is very important in day-to-day life, yet I haven’t seen a good guide to that yet.

Kenneth Udut, 9/24/2003, a “looking back from a possible future” exercise

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