“But if you’re tolerant, why can’t you tolerate intolerant people?

I went to Hampshire College in 1990/91. Two years prior, Smith College (part of the 5 college group in Amherst, MA) published a guide that spread to all the Universities in some form, about correct writing. They based it on a military sensitivity training from the 70s/80s oddly enough, which has since expanded and is still used to this day in the US Military.

People made a big fuss. Articles were written JUST LIKE THIS ONE about it, claiming it would make people weak.

It doesn’t. It didn’t. Universities have their own ‘ethos’ – their own “we’re superior to the rest of humanity and we’re going to fix this mess right here”.

And do they? Maybe a little but not really. Called Ivory Tower for a reason. Come down from Ivory tower after graduation? Life proceeds as normal.

Personally? I don’t see the big deal. It’s not wrecking the minds of the future. Reality smacks them in the face just fine and the learn to cope. If they want to change some words around that’s fine. But vengence against those who break the campus morality code, THAT’S a crime that needs punishing. Villification of offenders to the moral code should end. True equality means tolerating the intolerant.

I remember saying at 18 years old. Lost friends that way. They’d be all “love and tolerance” and I WANTED TO BELIEVE IT.

But then I’d always ask, “But if you’re tolerant, why can’t you tolerate intolerant people? If you don’t tolerate intolerant people, then you’re just accepting only the people in your clan and excluding others – making you MORE intolerant than the so called intolerant people! Why aren’t you tolerating intolerant people? Sounds like YOU’RE the ones being intolerant!”

Yeah. Versions of that. One girlfriend dumped her beer on my head after I made a short speech like that. Oh well.

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