but i’d ban cars for pedestrians if i could

in 1990 I saw gender neutral bathrooms. two classmates said they were elves and I accepted that. “otherkin”. later came furries. part of the same.

my college had safe spaces. I knew about 3rd gender and new pronouns.

my internet was green screens.

adult people were already complaining about “political correctness” but I knew it as diplomacy and I loved it.

i saw the future and i loved it.

I didn’t get to stay – not enough $ in loan. only 18 months. also part of the future.

I learned about connectionism which became neural networks later.

so much future 31 years ago.

so here we are.

The same dichotomy remains. I love all the freedoms the Internet affords people and I’m even OK with the asshats getting on that would’ve been luddites back then.

internet’s for everybody.

but so is the streets.

but i’d ban cars for pedestrians if i could so i’m weird.

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