But I think its internal speeds and inability to express fully outwardly that creates the inner experience. In short, we internalize society.

Slow communication capacity.
I can write at 110 wpm with slightly faster bursts but rarely.
I probably talk around 200-400 wpm if I remember right and I think the speed of thought is around 800wpm – I have the figures somewhere.

Of course this is the phonological loop and not the entirety of the brain. there’s other outputs available than words as well.

But I think its internal speeds and inability to express fully outwardly that creates the inner experience. There’s barriers to full communication all around:

Not just mechanical but social for example. Lots of constraints to inhibit full communication.

So, it’s trapped. We create other social people internally to talk with at a faster rate of speed than we can do externally and these multiple selves are our thoughts. In short, we internalize society.

But I have to present that with a big caveat: it’s not limited to language. It’s just that we’ve studied language more.

I believe the internal experience of “self” is community based even down to bacteria, who seem to have a behavioral sense of “us” vs “them”, which might mean a self-v-other-self and self-v-other as well, considering they don’t all behavior in coordination or entirely mathematically – just mostly.

So, a component of life perhaps – but maybe that’s taking it too deep smile emoticon


I believe the impetus is ultimately internal first, but fed in a kind of “upward spirals” via the external – and each influences the other.

But I think the internal is primary – otherwise, the external would have nothing to work with – but the internal cannot survive without the external, at least in developmental stages.


I found that quite validating when I heard of that. I think there was a TED talk a few years ago. Well done – well, they all are because they follow the same winning formula smile emoticon [I read a book on “how to give a TED talk” – and it’s a solid formula]


It really has to be HARD to be a baby. Consider:

You have all of your possibilities open to you.
Every language.
Every movement.
You do it all.
You try it all.

But you start narrowing it down to patterns based upon processing the world around you.

Absolutely mindblowing stuff to me.


(I try to learn the ‘gist’ of a computer language about once a month. I want to eventually be able to read any computer language, at least in part. Brainfuck wasn’t actually *too* bad because it functions a LOT like using Microsoft Excel)


Becoming fluent in DCL (DEC Control Language? I forget now) was nearly a total waste of time although I’ve found since then, no computer scripting or compilable language is a waste of time… but I remember being REALLY REALLY irritated when the VAX/VMS thing died out as a viable species. Thankfully, I learned Unix too… but I liked the OS of the VAX better smile emoticon


What may be Boolean but How is algorithmic.


I bow down to you sir. I remember punch cards when I was a kid and they were having to transfer the information into a newer system and they were “de-computerizing” the IBM typewriters so that they became typewriters again at my mother’s work.

I was an annoying prick kid who loaded BASICA on my mother’s brand new office computer and ran:

10 FOR X = 1 TO 20000
20 SOUND X, 100

and turned off the monitor.

and looked on innocently as people came FLYING into the room, thinking a bomb was going off somewhere as the pitch rose higher and higher.



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