but I remember one thing… They whirled.

Wow – we’re definitely of like-mind.  I’ve sometimes formulated the same notion using “a series of concentric circles” – influence expanding outwards first with yourself, then those closest to you (of mind/heart not necessarily of distance), and further from there.

I love the notion of the sufi.  I remember a piano lesson I had… somewhere in elementary school.  It was “Whirling Dervishes” or something like that.  The drawing in the piano book had a woman spinning around with spirals coming out of her and I immediately understood what she was doing.

Later on,  I heard other less flattering things said about the dervishes and thought, “they just don’t understand, do they?”.  I honestly don’t even remember at the moment who the dervishes were or are… but I remember one thing…

They whirled.

I whirl.  Maybe not always in person but I do it in my mind/heart.  I think of positive reprecussions… and how our every move/word/deed/thought could very well be amodel that someone else might follow.. or reject.. or ignore – but nevertheless – you never know who might be modeling their behavior/ideas off of you.. and it’s an honorable place to be.  I don’t think of myself as a rolemodel but whether I want to be or not… I couldbe and never even know it.  So, I try to be the best me that I can be at any given time. That doesn’t always mean being the “best I can be” – but rather, just… being me , whatever that is.

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