But I have to say that I’m amused by his speaking style:

Eh, authoritarian style doesn’t impress me. The finality that impresses you is stopping short of thinking to me. Toddler going “No” ’cause something doesn’t make sense.

But I have to say that I’m amused by his speaking style: He uses a classic technique from Nightingdale Conant stuff: popular in 80s of repeating the same thing three/four different ways. It makes people believe you’re saying something significant when in fact you’re saying nothing at all. It’s very 80s: he does it “short style”: I learned how to do it from tapes as a teenager way back when, although usually you use longer phrases with it.

I’ll give an example: It’s not effective on everybody but it’s effective on some people:

I did this the other day for fun:


Basically, you take a phrase and turn it around a few different ways and rapid fire them one after another. Part of the old rule of 3 / rule of 7 marketing ploy. [maybe it was rule of 9? I don’t remember now]. Anyway, it’s a way to fix ideas in ppls heads quickly.


The 80s trick was pretty neat: You didn’t have to say three DIFFERENT things to make it stick: You could say the _same thing_ three times, just by turning the words around a little. You didn’t even need a thesaurus. So, one thing said, three different word combinations, and it has the same effect.

meanwhile, you only have to remember one thing. It’s efficient.



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