but I feel on fire right now,

I'm thirsty for spiritual knowledge!

Can anyone please *please* post the names, addresses, phone numbers, and
subscription rates for Orthodox publications?  Magizines, periodicals,
newsletters, cassettes, places that offer Orthodox materials by mail?

If anyone wants to write letters to this spiritually thirsty, baby Orthodox
(perhaps only three-four months by now), please save my address:

Kenneth Udut

I've been faithfully reading the Philokalia, and other works from the Church
Fathers, and *very* faithfully reading ORTHODOX, but each day I look in my
paper-mail box, I hope for something Orthodox, something edifying, something
spiritually challenging, supportive, uplifting... but nothing comes.

Perhaps I'm rushing things.  I'm not looking to be "Mr. Perfect Orthodox
Christian" tomorrow, but I feel on fire right now, and anything Orthodox that
comes my way, I eat of it with ferver and glee.

Pen pals (male, female, young, old) would be great too - I've been writing
e-mail for so many years now, that I long for a more personal, simpler letter
in the mail, which also will force me to practice my handwriting skills (which
have fallen over the years as typing took over through e-mail).

Thank you.

A sinner

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