But I can speak for the guy who sits in this ugly yellow chair and that’s hard enough.

I try to focus as much _solely_ on me and my own place in things because … well, here’s how I see it:

I’m sitting in this ugly yellow chair looking at this screen typing with these fingers, processing what I think and write and see and respond to.

Comes in my head, out comes output, repeat.

Can I get inside your head? Anyone else’s head? The planet’s heads all at once and speak universally?

I can’t.

But I can speak for the guy who sits in this ugly yellow chair and that’s hard enough.


That said, I can’t say it’s not right for you or Andy to do things as you do for the reasons you do. We come at things differently from different perspectives for different reasons. How much do I know about that? Not much.


But it’s still at least one of your personal positions when you make statements. You can have multiple conflicting thoughts at once. One you might call personal, one you might call “A’s point of view”. Another you might call “B’s point of view”.

But they’re still processing in you through you from you. They’re your take on it in some way. Your “stamp” is on it in some form, unless you’re repeating quote — and even then, the choice of quotes comes from you.

So, I guess I focus a lot on the process of the individual. It might be because I have difficultly comprehending fully how I could just as easily substitute for somebody else.

I can envision how someone else could substitute for me, but I can’t envision how I could substitute for someone else in a collectivist sense.


Oh I see where you’re getting at I think. Well, whether or not I like or don’t like something is just a small part of things.

I attempt to be as dispassionate as possible in general. “How I feel” about something isn’t generally all that important to me or to most conversations to bring up directly. It’s _implied_ (simply by participating) but I don’t have to mention it much unless it’s relevant.

So I can behave “as if” a computer might weighing things out, giving balance here or there, making logical connections whether or not I assent to them. But of course I’m still me here, behaving this way. It’s not objective in a sense of “this is what is definitively true for all” but it’s still “this is what I think/believe/processed that seems to be something others might consider objective.”



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