but generally speaking, I just “feel” and type

It took not giving a shit about ppls perceptions of me. Took some training.. Best thing ever. I mean, there’s _some things_ I think and don’t say. But I don’t edit. I hardly filter – I mean, I won’t type out motherfucking cocksucking asshole licking son of a bitch just because the words travel across the phonological loop and get stuck there for six seconds or so…

but generally speaking, I just “feel” and type. I want to unfake everybody but I can’t control them – nor would that be right of me to do so. They have a right to be assholes if they like. Or be fake. Or play games. Or act out scripts they saw in a movie when they were little kids and think is reality. [see: most romances. see: most wars etc].

They got their little hamster balls to roll around in. I got mine smile emoticon

[I lied when I said I don’t edit. Notice, the above message says “Edited”. I’m also a liar but I strive for earnest and honesty and I attempt authenticity as much as possible. Lots of ego walls to go through. Still working on them. Every conflict gives me an opportunity to work on it, but I have a LONG way to go]

Wait here: Without the excuses. I am a liar. I posture and I’m as full of shit as anybody else on this planet. I hate admitting it of course. I want to be better-than. Anyway, I’m babbling. Cathartic I guess. tongue emoticon Thanks for inspiring me to do ALL that writing above. Maybe you didn’t know you could be an inspiration, but in any case, you inspired me. Thanks for the challenge earlier. Keep doing what you do, however you do it, whatever you do

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