. But feeling guilty is no…

It’s hard to do but it does help a tiny bit: You did the best you could at the time. You love that girl with all your heart and soul as does Linda. You have done all that can be done. But you remember 18: You need independence. You need to “break away” – it’s almost a compulsion that can’t be helped. I don’t have the details – but i remember being there. And i was a jerk to everybody I loved…. The more I loved someone, the worse thay got treated. one girlfriend I had at college, I treated her awfully (I thought i was being “funny” but I was just being hurtful). I never forgot how bad/stupid/immature I was, and I vowed (after I was about 24-25) to not be that way again. And I’ve worked on it – and keep working on the “dark side” ever since. “You only hurt the ones you love” is the truth. You did all you can do, John. But feeling guilty is no… “

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