But Evangelicals? Seemed positively made up.

I had to survive this crap in the 80s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LN_nuxOhT2s
I was 13 years old when it aired. I wasn’t a D&D player, except for an AD&D game on my Intellivision… nd I LOVED the Saturday morning cartoon… faithful viewer… but I’d see my friends play. [it wasn’t my game – I was a computer geek more than a gamer] 
At the time, haven’t never MET anybody who remotely thought that way, I couldn’t believe anybody actually thought that way anywhere. 

TV Evangelists were, to me, a great hoax; as far as was concerned, everybody knew they were full of crap, and the people who sat in the audience MUST have been in on the joke for our entertainment.

But then.. met my FIRST evangelical fundy around the age of 21-22. 

I was like.. .woah. These people really DO exist.

I’m still in shock all these years later. Part of me still believed, they MUST know they’re full of it and they’re just playin. But then, I hear about abortion clinic bombings and other acts of terrorism through the years.

But man, that D&D and paranoid parents and children’s rumors about satanic cults meeting in some creepy hills a few miles away from my home town in NJ. Or at the old Elizabeth NJ orphanage that had been abandoned for 30 years. [we’re all sneak in and spook ourselves]

I always chalked that stuff up to paranoid parents. Those I believed in. But Evangelicals? Seemed positively made up.

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