But does not the state establish a common currency?

But does not the state establish a common currency?


Trading with a morality value is a currency. 50 years is not only punishment but it is a form of restitution. It establishes that the one raped is in no way complicit.

Contrast with rapes that receive light sentencing or community service. Such sentencing implies the victim is not a “true victim” but only partial and not due just recompense.

This is an ongoing problem in some parts of the USA and among different classes.


Most news stories, ,whatever their political bias, trade in morality currency and citizens debate the relative values.


“Sorry” has different values.

As this was a premeditated, wholly planned attack, “Sorry” doesn’t have much value, if any.


If he was a child, “sorry” usually has additional value but with the age of majority set to 18, “sorry” drops significantly in value.



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