But brain’s fuzzy about details.

I remember you saying something about me stopping by someday and playing your dad’s baby grand.

But… I don’t remember what I said and I don’t _think_ I stopped by and played it…

but then again, it’s possible than I did.

I was going around from piano to piano with TF at the time as we had youthful dreams of going big with my piano music. I think I/we even sent out a few unsolicited tapes to a few New Age labels (because it seemed kinda close to the style).

A few pianos I played were really stand-outish to me. Bosendorfer was a highlight, as was playing a Fandrich piano (upgright grand), visiting the Steinway Factory, playing/recording in some awesome churches, and I was visiting lots of BBS friends at the time from all over as well,

But brain’s fuzzy about all of the pianos.


I… rescued Dan in a snowstorm? I remember rescuing SOMEBODY and snow.. that was Dan? Wow… I remember a time that the tire went flat and I had to change it on a really cold day on a street I was never on before – I don’t know if it’s the same event or not.


Oh I mean that I think *I* had a flat tire at some point on the way there. … or maybe I was stuck on black ice for a bit….

all the memories of bad-snow/ice and driving are muddled together in my head tongue emoticon


Yeah – NOT freezing to death was a good outcome for me – and I remember investing in a heavier winter coat after that winter.

The flat tire incident was getting later/dark. But there was another event which was near a park.. Waranaco Park? rahway river? Not sure. that was during the day. Vague memories.




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