But both have their territories.

Ah logical. So theoretically, an outdoor cat might be more skiddish? Well, I have an outdoor cat I can try it on.

There *is* also an indoor/outdoor cat here – my nieces. She’s REALLY skiddish. She’s a mouser, wild-eyed, gets in “freaky” mode sometimes. Jumps up on a table, looking around like fireworks just went off. She’d be good for the experiment.

She’s the latest addition to the house (about 1.5 yrs so far) so while she was able to stake out her territory indoors just fine, when it comes to the outdoors, she has two other cats to contend with (total of four in the house):

One is an ancient tiny gray cat who is mean and tough, starts knocking stuff over when hungry and it only cute when hungry or thirsty. [always outdoor]

Another is a pot smoking lazy bum that doesn’t know what’s going on most of the time. [mostly outdoor]

But both have their territories. When my niece kicked the mousing one 1/2 out of the house, she had no outdoor territory to call her own. But I think she’d be skiddish anyhow: she has anger management issues and is always picking fights with the others.

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