… but ASK. love that stuff.

lol – no – can’t control anybody’s mind :-) But it’s just a way to “be the bad guy” without having to ACT like the bad guy. Just a different way to talk. I saw the idea in another book i read in college studying child psychology, “How to talk to kids will listen / How to listen so kids will talk” – I don’t remember much of that book, but I remember the “compliment / complaint / Compliment” sandw…hich. it comes automatically to me now. since I have a positive type personality, it was easy to do. speaking of mind control, I *did* listen to Tony Robbins stuff years ago too, but I never mastered any of it. Best thing i learned from him is this: the secret to getting anything you want; ASK. Ask specifically, ask at the right time, ask the right person…. but ASK. love that stuff. “

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