But as there will be a lack of independent auditing, it’ll just be the word of two men. That’s my prediction.

That’s called a “threat”…. normally.
But here’s what I see – One potential outcome is a “show of” disarming by Russia so they can put on a Press show of cooperation to improve Trump and Putin’s images as “world cooperators”. But as there will be a lack of independent auditing, it’ll just be the word of two men. That’s my prediction.


Russia is “horse and pony show” strong, but core-weak. They are good at ‘shows of power’ but like in Soviet times, it’s mostly duct tape and bubble gum parade float. They’re also financially in dire straights. [Putin’s improvements are only in comparison to how unbelievably dreadful their economy was previously, ,making it not that much of an improvement in the grand scale.

But they’re the masters of Press. RT goes under several dozen names and pops up all over the place. They’re generally a very good and balanced news organization on most subjects but on certain subjects their narratives are consistent and clear and pointed.

Their mastery of public relations and image makes deeper truths harder to discern.


When ANY new President gets into office, it’s a tense time. We judge a President based up how they behaved in the campaigning process, how they behave during the “Lame Duck” period, and how they behave in their first 100 days in office.

So, that’s 18 months + 3 + 3 – so 2 years. We get two years to observe. Their biggest scrutiny comes in the first 100 days. He hasn’t started those yet. if you thought people were picking him apart BEFORE? Wait until after Jan 20th. fMRI. This is normal in the USA.


The people who rooted for the new person are scrutinizing to make sure he holds to his promises. The people who didn’t want him in scrutinize him to find his failure points and amplify them


Nobody but fools sit back and just ‘let him do his job” during that time: He’s on probation, judged heavily by all sides.


I don’t want him to hold to his campaign promises. Most of them anyway. A few of them were nice but were standard campaign rhetoric, the kind of stuff Presidents don’t have any control over.



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